Swagga House is a private tattoo studio located near Philadelphia, PA. We originally began in 2010 as a small store-front boutique in North Philadelphia, where Pichardo brand apparel was exclusively created and sold by our resident artist and owner, Ron Pichardo. Shortly after launching the clothing boutique, Ron was unexpectedly prompted to try his hand at the art of tattoo. He then "unofficially" launched his career as a tattoo artist and opened a small private tattoo studio in 2011, leaving behind our store front boutique and the retail/clothing industry the same. Fast forward to 8 years later, we are very proud to have become a thriving tattoo company located in Elkins Park, Pa!

     We are also proud to announce that our recent success with tattoo art has now allowed Ron to tap back into his roots and expand his creative platform to bring back Pichardo brand apparel and merchandise! Designing and creating apparel is most certainly his first love, so we aim to share Ron's artistic vision through custom fashion the same way he does through body art. Www.swaggahouse.com offers clothing and merchandise for the whole family with categories for Men, women and children. We hope you enjoy browsing through all the designs and find one that inspires you to LIVE ART!